a good girls guide to murder age rating and trigger warnings

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Age Rating & Trigger Warnings


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder has recently increased in popularity because of the cast announcement for its TV series adaptation, in which Emma Myers and Zain Iqbal will take the lead as Pip and Ravi.

The story follows the two teenagers in finding the truth about a solved murder case that resulted in Ravi’s brother Sal being guilty. They’re here to prove that Sal could not do such an act.

Even though I didn’t end up loving the book, I want to share some ideas about what to expect from the book regarding the content materials inside. In this post, you will discover A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder age rating and trigger warnings.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Age Rating

From the book’s title alone, it’s safe to assume it is not for kids, which I can confirm. 

Even though the book mostly has teenage characters, the story still centers around murder, which is graphicly detailed. With a few other mature themes, I’d say it’s OK to read if you’re 14 or older.

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Trigger Warnings

a good girls guide to murder age rating

As an avid reader, I understand how essential it is to ensure you’re safe with the contents of the book you want to read. Below are several trigger warnings for A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Murder, Death

An old case of murder is a central issue in this book. The story follows different paths of how the murder happened in detail, including the suspects, how and why they killed the victim.

Drug use

The drug is being used in the story on several occasions. A couple of characters are also drug dealers, which is an essential part of the story.

Animal death

Death of an animal is present in a cruel way. We follow the grief of the animal’s owner and how they overcome it.


School bullying happened to a character in the past. We see how it affected them in the present and the descriptions of what they went through. 

The perpetrator of the bullying is an essential character in the story. 


A character in this book is mentioned to do this to several girls. The book shows how one of the victims is still processing her trauma. Prior to being r**ed, the perpetrator is said to drug the victims first.

Adult/minor relationship

AGGGTM includes an adult relationship with a minor—specifically, a relationship between a teacher and a student. 


The book’s main storyline is about Pip, who tries to solve a murder-suicide case that happened five years ago in her town. The case involves the murder of Andie Bell and the suicide of the killer, Sal Singh.


A character in AGGGTM was kidnapped by a creepy man and kept for several years.


The Singh family is Indian. The small-town folks said something racist about Sal Singh, and they easily believe he murdered Andie. There is also a particular journalist who’s being racist openly in a conversation with the main character.

Wrapping Up

If you pass the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder age rating and are fine with some of the triggering contents above, I think you should give the book a chance – especially if you enjoy an intriguing mystery and a unique writing style. Check out the book here on Amazon.

However, if you don’t think you will be comfortable reading the book, take a look at my previous post about books like A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

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