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Nevermoor Series: Review, Order of the Books & Movie Adaptation


Have you heard of the Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend?

Nevermoor is a series of children’s books and soon to be movie written by the Australian author. Sets in the imaginative and intriguing magical world, this series best suits readers aged 10 to 13.

In this article, I will dive deep into this stunning series. I will summarize it, list the order of the books, provide news regarding the movie adaptation, and share my thoughts about the series.

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Nevermoor Series in Order

If you are wondering how many books will be in the Nevermoor series, you will not get disappointed by the number. The author plans to write between six and nine books in the series. And so far, we have information about four of them:

1. Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

Nevermoor book 1 cover image

Nevermoor follows Morrigan Crow, a young girl who was cursed to die at midnight on her 11th birthday. But as Morrigan prepares to meet her fate, Jupiter North saves her life that night.

Instead of dying, she is whisked away to live in the magical city of Nevermoor. There, she must pass a series of trials in order to join the prestigious Wundrous Society.

Only by summoning up all of her courage can Morrigan hope to become a part of the special sisterhood and brotherhood.

2. Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

wundersmith cover image

After escaping her deadly fate and finding a new home in Nevermoor, Morrigan Crow is now a member of the Wundrous Society. 

But as she adjusts to this magical new city, she realizes that being one of the chosen few in this prestigious society as a Wundersmith may have its drawbacks. 

To her surprise, Morrigan possesses a rare magical power that can be manipulated in many ways. And the only other living Wundersmith, Ezra Squall, is determined to win her trust to use her power for his own ends.

3. Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow

Hollowpox cover image

Nevermoor is in the grip of a strange and frightening illness. Victims of the Hollowpox are turning into mindless, vicious Unnimals on the hunt. 

As more of Nevermoor’s Wunimals fall to this epidemic, panic spreads. Some believe that Ezra Squall, the Wundersmith, must be behind this catastrophe.

Morrigan’s quest to find a cure for the Hollowpox will put her and everyone around her in danger.

4. Silverborn: The Mystery of Morrigan Crow

Silverborn cover image

Unfortunately, we don’t know the plot of this one yet. 

One thing we do know is the release date of the book. So, when is Nevermoor book 4 coming out?

Silverborn was scheduled to release in October 2022. However, on June 13th, 2022, Jessica Townsend announced via social media that she was delaying the release of the fourth entry of the series by a year to October 2023. 

She cited her ongoing recovery from Covid-19 and ongoing pandemic problems as major factors in this decision. 

In the coming months, the author plans to reveal more about the book, such as its cover, synopsis, and excerpts. Additionally, she will host Q&As and theory sessions for readers soon.

Nevermoor Movie Release Date

Nevermoor series, book 2, swedish edition

The Nevermoor movie is coming! 

Nevermoor is an exciting tale that has captured the imaginations of young readers around the world—so much so that it seems inevitable that we’ll eventually see a movie adaptation. 

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures is moving ahead with plans to develop the first Nevermoor movie adaptation as a musical live-action film with Michael Gracey attached as director. 

Gracey, best known for directing the musical The Greatest Showman, will also create original music for the film. How exciting is that?

However, fans of the series have to wait because it is still in the early stages of development. As of now, there is no release date or cast for the movie yet.

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Do I Recommend the Nevermoor Series?

Nevermoor series, book 3, swedish edition

There are some books that I can just breeze through and enjoy, and the Nevermoor series was one of them.

I’m a huge fan of the series. I read the first two books of the series in 2018, and I absolutely loved every second of reading it. 

I was instantly drawn into the story. It’s a fantastical world that I’d love to visit.

The Nevermoor series is magical and mysterious. Although there were some things you could see coming from miles away, many surprises along the way kept me interested throughout the series.

The writing is engaging and fun to read. It’s also quite funny at times. There are moments of genuine heartbreak and sadness, but the overall tone is upbeat and hopeful. 

Nevermoor characters play a big part in me enjoying the series so much. Each of them is interesting and has its own unique personality. They are all very well developed, especially our main character Morrigan Crow who goes through many changes throughout the course of the series.

Overall, this series is perfect for readers who enjoy stories about magic or adventure tales that take place in different worlds from our own. It’s not just a story like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. It’s a special experience.

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