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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Summary by Chapter


Whether you want to revisit the story or want to read it quickly for the first time, I’ve written The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue summary to help you do that.

The book has 100 chapters in total and I summarized every chapter with details about the time and location settings.

Of course, it’s not going to be as detailed as V.E. Schwab wrote in the book, but I hope it helps you get the idea of the story.

For more snippets about the book, take a look at The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Quotes with Page Numbers.

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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Summary

In 1714, Addie LaRue makes a Faustian bargain to live forever, but she is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. And thus begins her extraordinary life as she travels across centuries and continents. When Addie finds herself face-to-face with a young man who remembers her name after 300 years, everything changes.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Summary by Chapter

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue cover

Part One: The Gods that Answer After the Dark

2. Cover Art Part 1

Chapter 1

New York City, 2014.

Adeline wakes up in Toby’s bed, but she’s not surprised when he doesn’t remember her. It is not the first time.

They met at the Alloway, a bar where Toby has a gig. But after sleeping together for one night, Toby will always forget her the day after. Surprisingly, they’ve been doing it more than ten times.

But it’s not only Toby, other people will also easily forget her just after a few moments. It’s a part of her curse.

Chapter 2

New York City, 2014.

She went to a boutique to get her a birthday present.

She gets new outfits: sweater, leggings, booths freely because the clerk doesn’t remember she was even there.

When she went to the changing room, her wooden ring fell but she doesn’t pick it up. Why would she? It will find its way back to Addie.

Chapter 3

France, 1698.

Addie is seven.

She has been begging her father to take her to the marketplace where he sells his woodwork. Today is the day.

When she returns from there, she feels like a different version of herself.

Chapter 4

France, 1703.

Estelle is an old woman who still believes in the old gods, unlike the rest of the city of Villon.

Everyone thinks she’s mad. But Addie always comes to her. She listens when Estelle taught her about them.

In the end, Estelle warns her to never pray to the gods that answer after dark.

Chapter 5

France, 1707.

Addie likes to draw and she has a secret.

She knows a man that she called The Stranger, someone that she draws from every pleasant part of the three men in the village.

The Stranger now always comes to her dreams, telling her stories.

Chapter 6

New York City, 2014.

Addie can live without food or heat. One thing she can’t live without is stories.

In this chapter, she stole a book from Fred, the old man.

Chapter 7

New York City, 2014.

Addie ordered muffins and coffee in Rise and Sun, a cafe owned by the two sisters.

She enjoys her meals and examines the book she just took. It’s the german version of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the kind of stories that remind her of her past.

Estelle’s voice raises in her chest when she looks at the book, “Never pray to Gods who answer after dark.

Chapter 8

France, 1714.

Adeline wants freedom, not married to Roger, an old man with four kids.

On the day of the wedding, she tricked her parents and escape to the woods, but her father soon after her.

She desperately wants to go. She keeps running and praying to the gods of Villon woods, not realizing that the day has become dark.

Just a notice, the book is also going to become darker. For your enjoyment, read my post about The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Age Rating to see if there is something that may trigger you.

Chapter 9

France, 1714.

She hears a voice but she can’t find its source.

It eventually takes the form of someone that Adeline believes, The Stranger.

He claims to be above all gods and rejects Addie’s request to live freely as she wishes without limit. But when Addie offers her soul once she is tired of living, the dark kissed her in agreement.

Chapter 10

France, 1714.

After the kiss, she feels like falling and a second after, she is now on a bed of leaves. She doesn’t know if what happened was just a dream and it’s gonna work.

She went to her house, prepared to get scolded by her parents. But what happens was not what she expected.

Her parents suddenly don’t remember Addie. They said they don’t have a child. And when Addie opens her mouth to say her name, her throat hurts, unable to do it.

Her father throws out Addie and she runs to Estelle’s cottage. To her surprise, the old woman doesn’t remember her either. She devastated.

She calls the stranger, wanting an explanation but he doesn’t appear.

Chapter 11

New York City, 2014.

Addie loves movies.

In this chapter, she went to a theater, somehow managed to watch a movie, and got popcorn for free.

After it’s finished, on her way, she puts the book that she took from Fred back on his table with a bag of a muffin.

She is now walking to Alloway to meet Toby for the first time again. But instead of going in, she stops at the door, imagining a scenario in her head. She’s not going in tonight.

Chapter 12

New York City, 2014.

Addie went to Jamie’s apartment when he was not there. But it’s not a problem since Addie knows the code to unlock the door.

She met him for the first time in an ice cream place and they spent a great time together until he admits that he is gay.

Addie is now taking a bath in his apartment as it is hers.

Later, she finds the wooden ring back in the pocket of her robe. She can’t stand it, but she resists the urge to wear it on her finger.

Addie let it fall from the balcony, knowing that sooner or later, the ring would find its way back to her.

Chapter 13

France, 1714.

Isabelle found Addie and takes her to a shelter in her home. Of course, Isabelle also forgets who Addie is.

After Isabelle went out to notify her husband George about Addie, they both come in and see Addies. It’s just a minute ago, but Isabelle already forgot again about her and didn’t remember taking Addie to her house. They kicked Addie out.

She feels devastated that everyone she knows forgot about her.

She wants to make a letter of goodbye to his father. But it’s impossible. After writing down two words, it suddenly disappears, leaving no mark.

She got angry and broke her father’s wooden bird. But when she picks it up, the bird is unbroken. She pockets the bird and leaves her house and village.

Chapter 14

France, 1714.

Adeline is on her path towards Le Mans.

She learns that even though she can’t break things, she can steal them when she found the wooden bird still in her pocket.

On the road, she keeps saying My name is Adeline over and over in her head. But at the end of the chapter, she decides to leave the name with Villon and change to what Estelle used to call her, Addie.

My name is Addie LaRue.

Chapter 15

New York City, 2014.

Addie is still at James’ apartment.

Even after hundred years, she still feels lonely to feel forgotten.

Chapter 16

France, 1714.

She arrived at Le Mans, but the city was not as she remembered ten years ago.

Addie stole a coat from someone’s barn and she got caught. Three men attacked her, and she managed to strike back, leaving them bloody. But in a few moments, the attackers forgot what they were doing. Their wounds goes unmarked.

Not Addie’s wounds though. She curls up feeling hurt—the first taste of her suffering. At the end of the chapter, she decides to leave Le Mans for Paris.

Chapter 17

New York City, 2014.

Addie comes into a bookshop in New York.

She just stole a paperback of The Oddysey, the greek version. But when she left the store, thinking that the bookseller will forget her, Henry touches her shoulder and ask her to pay for the book but eventually lets her take it.

Strange, she thinks, somehow he remembers.

Part Two: The Darkest Part of the Night

3. Cover Art Part 2

Chapter 18

New York City, 2014.

It’s the first chapter where Addie is not in it. Instead, we follow Henry and Bea from the bookshop who goes to their friend’s show, Robbie.

At the after-party, Henry is at his low. He comes down to go home but one of the girls from the show catches his hands—and they both kiss.

Chapter 19

New York City, 2014.

James came back to his apartment so Addie can’t stay there anymore.

She went to Sam’s apartment rooftop. Sam of course forgets when she found Addie there. But Addie feels deja vu, it’s all like a replay of the first time they met.

Chapter 20

France, 1714.

In this chapter, we follow Addie’s miserable life in the first few months in Paris. She can’t find where to sleep. Failed to steal food. And in the end, lost her father’s wooden bird.

Chapter 21

France, 1715.

A year after he cursed her, the darkness came back to ask for her soul. There’s a part of herself that wants to give in, but she eventually declined. The darkness is confident that soon enough she will surrender.

Chapter 22

New York City, 2014.

Henry is having breakfast with his sister, Muriel. She told him that David, their older brother have been asking about Henry.

Chapter 23

New York City, 2014.

Sam invited Addie to her apartment. For Sam, it feels like the first time. But Addie has been in this scenario over and over again.

Sam is a painter and she asked if she could draw Addie as a sky, a part of her human as sky series. Addie agrees and got painted as a night sky. After that, Sam goes to shower.

Last time, Addie follows her to the bathroom but this time she chose to leave.

Chapter 24

France, 1716.

Addie tricks a boutique owner so she can take any dress she likes.

When she goes outside, the darkness meets her after two years of the curse. Like a year before, she wins again and declines him for taking her soul.

Chapter 25

New York City, 2014.

Addie comes back to the bookshop. She tries to fool Henry to return the book of The Oddysey to another book, but she failed because he remembers.

For the first time in 300 years, someone actually remembers her.

She invited Henry for a coffee to apologize. He initially refused but give in in the end.

Chapter 26

New York City, 2014.

At the coffee shop, Addie buys Henry a coffee but not for herself. Henry can’t take it so he buys her a coffee and a croissant.

They get to know each other and Addie tells the truth about what happened at the bookstore, she doesn’t know that Henry would remember. Their conversation ended when Henry asks her if she’s hungry. He offers his hand and Addie takes it.

Chapter 27

France, 1719.

Addie is in a marquis house. She has never met the lady of the house but she’s here trying out her clothes—until the darkness comes again, a year after the last time.

She tried to make him leave and simply said no about the things they both know. But he simply wants to ask her to dinner, at the house. He bewitches the servants and they both sit at the table.

Some conversations ignited and in the end, Addie got herself an enemy.

Chapter 28

New York City, 2014.

Henry takes Addie to a bar. They drink and share some fries. If this is a mistake, Addie doesn’t want this to be corrected.

Chapter 29

New York City, 2014.

Addie doesn’t want the night ends.

When they have to part ways, Henry says that he wants to see her again.

Before he takes the subway, she calls him back and tries to tell him her real name. To her surprise, it works. The name Addie comes out of her mouth.

For a moment, Addie thought he breaks the curse. But when Henry leaves her alone, Addie tries to do it again but fails. Having someone that remembers her is enough for her now.

Chapter 30

France, 1720.

It’s another anniversary when the darkness, Luc, is supposed to come and ask for Addie’s soul. She didn’t want him to come but she feels that he made her expect him. His absence makes Addie frustrated and rage.

Chapter 31

New York City, 2014.

Henry walks home while smiling and thinking of Addie.

What do you think about Addie and Henry’s relationship so far?

Part Three: Three Hundred Years—and Three Words

4. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Summary - Cover Art Part 3

Chapter 32

France, 1724.

Four years without the darkness visit. Unlike the first time, Addie decides to celebrate by having a picnic. A boy named Remy carelessly broke her honey jar and he invited Addie to a cafe as an apology.

Chapter 33

New York City, 2014.

Two days before her date with Henry, Addie is nervous and wondering who is Henry and how can he remembers her.

On the day of the date, she came early to the bookstore and Henry takes Addie to an arcade game behind a laundromat.

Chapter 34

New York City, 2014.

Addie scored the highest on the pinball game, but when she typed her name into the screen, of course, it didn’t work. But Henry managed to type it as just Addie.

After the game, Addie takes Henry to her favorite cinema to watch her favorite movie Hitchcock.

In the theater, Henry got anxious and eventually walks out, revealing to Addie that he doesn’t like that she didn’t tell him she has watched the movie. Henry doesn’t like seeing things a second time because he fears of running out of time.

Chapter 35

France, 1724.

In this chapter, Remy and Addie find each other in a cafe. They had a great time and when they got to his home, they make out. The day after, he forgets her and paid her three coins as payment.

Chapter 36

New York City, 2014.

Addie takes Henry to a hidden bar, The Fourth Rail. They drink, dance, and laugh—still laughs when they are out of the bar.

Henry kissed Addie in the rain. And they both run to take the train to his apartment. There, they continue their passions. In the end, Addie whispers, “Don’t forget.”

Chapter 37

France, 1724.

Four years without a visit, the darkness comes back. But when he thoughts he has won, Addie says no. She has not given up yet.

In this chapter, we also learn about Addie first time reading a novel.

Chapter 38

New York City, 2014.

Unlike the others, Henry remembers Addie after sleeping together.

He finds her wooden ring when he washes her clothes but Addie only tells him the beginning of the truth that it was from her father.

They had small talk but Henry realizes he was late to go to the bookstore. Addie asked if she could stay to take shower first, Henry gave her permission and left.

When he was gone, Addie scouts around his apartment, searching for answers to who is Henry Strauss. She finds a diamond ring on the blood stained handkeirchief.

Chapter 39

New York City, 2014.

Henry takes Addie to Bea’s party where she meets more of Henry’s friends including his ex Robbie who doesn’t seem to like her.

In this chapter Henry also tells Addie about Tabitha, a girl he proposed to but said no.

Chapter 40

France, 1751.

Addie tricks a mistress to steal a dress but her plan is failed when the darkness plays his little game.

Chapter 41

New York City, 2014.

Still at the party and Robbie is still unhappy that Addie is there. She feels that she should go so she left. Not long after, Henry caught her and they both went to his place.

Chapter 42

New York City, 2014.

Addie and Henry are on the streets when they run to Robbie.

When Robbie doesn’t remember Addie, Henry gets mad.

Addie calmed her and takes him for a walk and she tells him the truth about everything. That she was cursed. That she was born in 1691. People will always forget about her. Everything.

Chapter 43

France, 1764.

After fifty years, she comes back to Villon. There, she only meets her mother who is old now for the last time.

Chapter 44

New York City, 2014.

After she tells her story about the deal with the darkness, Henry laughs. But not in disbelief because it’s the opposite. He does believe her. After all, he made a deal too.

Part Four: The Man Who Stayed Dry in the Rain

5. Cover Art Part 4

Chapter 45

New York City, 2013.

We follow Henry’s past in this chapter. It highlights the moment when Tabitha rejects his proposal and how he responds to that by drinking a lot of liquor. The bloody handkerchief that Addie found was his blood from the scar.

Chapter 46

New York City, 2013.

From the liquor store, Henry went to his rooftop apartment. There, he finds the stranger, the darkness. After persuading him, Henry made a deal with him.

His soul for everyone to love him. His soul for his happiness.

Chapter 47

New York City, 2014.

Back to the present, Addie speechless after Henry told her that he also made a deal.

Chapter 48

New York City, 2014.

At the bookstore, Henry and Addie talk about photography, one of Henry’s hobbies in the past. He tries to take a picture of Addie with his phone. But it didn’t work, the photo got blurry.

Chapter 49

New York City, 2013.

Following the day after Henry made the deal, he thought that what happened last night was just on his imagination.

But today, everyone behaves differently when they see Henry’s face. Kinder. Including his sister, the barista, the customers, and even his friends.

Chapter 50

New York City, 2014.

Bea comes to the bookstore. Henry introduces Addie to her and sees if she would remember, but of course, she doesn’t.

Bea told them that she have been from The Artifact, part carnival and part exhibition. Addie wants to go there too, so Henry takes Addie there, leaving the bookstore to Bea.

Chapter 51

New York City, 2013.

Henry can’t stand to be in his room because the place still has Tabitha’s stuff that reminds him of her.

He went to The Merchant, a bar, where he met a lot of people that were interested in him.

Chapter 52

New York City, 2013.

Henry meets Dean Melrose at a coffee shop where he invited him to a job interview in theology.

It does not stop. Everybody interested in him suddenly.

Except for Bea, who said she’s a lesbian. In this chapter, Bea and Henry also talk about three paintings from different eras where Bea thinks it’s the same person.

Chapter 53

New York City, 2014.

Henry’s walking with Addie.

He remembers the three paintings and realizes that it was indeed Addie.

Addie confirmed it and explain why can she left a mark in painting but not film or photo.

Chapter 54

New York City, 2013.

Henry went to his parent’s home for a family dinner with his parents and two siblings Muriel and David. This time there’s no judgment or snarky comments. They love him. They are proud of him.

Chapter 55

New York City, 2014.

They arrived at The Artifact. Addie still finding something new even after 300 years.

Chapter 56

New York City, 2013.

Henry went on a date with Vannesa.

His best friends Bea and Robbie remind him not to rush things. But it is not him who does, it’s Vanessa.

At the end of the chapter, Vanessa burns a box that contains the memory of Tabitha because she thinks he’s holding on to the past. Henry got mad and told her to go.

Chapter 57

New York City, 2013.

It’s a movie night and they watch The Shining.

Henry goes to the kitchen to get some popcorn and Robbie follows him saying he’ll help. But what he did was kiss Henry. Saying he still loves him. But Henry breaks the kiss thinking it’s a mistake.

Chapter 58

New York City, 2013.

Henry meets Tabitha at a cofeeshop. After the deal, Tabitha is now interested in him again. But Henry knows that isn’t real so he let her go.

Chapter 59

New York City, 2014.

Addie and Henry are still in The Artifact. They kissed and happily explore the place.

Chapter 60

New York City, 2013.

Henry comes to the job interview with Dean Melrose. He offers the position of tenure, a position that is hard to get, and yet he offered it to him. He doesn’t think he fits the role but the Dean keeps assuring him.

Chapter 61

New York City, 2013.

Henry is at a new years party at Robbie’s place. He kisses a guy named Mark/Max/Malcolm. When Henry’s untangling himself, he sees Robbie and he stops himself. He went outside.

Bea catches up with him and they talk about making people love you and happiness. When midnight strikes and the new year come, Bea and Henry kissed.

Chapter 62

New York City, 2014.

Henry felt seen for the first time after he meets Addie.

Chapter 63

New York City, 2014.

Addie and Henry are at the last exhibit of the artifact.

With her hand holds to Henry’s hand, she begins to draw. She begins to write her name. And there it was, Addie LaRue written on green paint. This is the beginning of Addie writing her story and leaving her mark.

Part Five: The Shadow Who Smiled and the Girl Who Smiled Back

6. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Summary - Cover Art Part 5

Chapter 64

France, 1764.

Fifty years after the curse, Addie went to the graveyard in Villon. There are her parents, Estelle, Isabelle, and other people who once knows her.

She went to Estelle’s cottage, greeted by Luc who torment her. But Addie didn’t surrender. She won’t give her soul. And the darkness left.

Chapter 65

New York City, 2014.

Addie woke up in Henry’s bed.

He asked where does she live, and when he finds out she doesn’t have a place, he asked Addie to live with him and she agrees.

In this chapter, Addie also finds Henry’s notebook, where he writes about her.

Chapter 66

France, 1778.

Luc visits Addie yet again and they have a conversation about faith and God.

He compares him to what Addie’s parents believe and in the end, he offers Addie to see his real appearance for her soul. But Addie refuses again.

Chapter 67

New York City, 2014.

Henry takes Addie to a whispering gallery, where he asks Addie for a story.

Chapter 68

France, 1789.

Addie got herself into trouble amidst the Paris war. When Luc comes, he teleported her to Italy. It’s not because he wants to save her though, he simply wants to be the one who breaks her.

Chapter 69

New York City, 2014.

After Addie told the story of when Luc abandoned her in Italy, they both got into a little fight because Addie won’t pay for the drinks and just leave, but Henry thinks it’s wrong. They eventually make up.

Chapter 70

Italy, 1806.

Addie wakes up in Matheo’s bed in Italy. Matheo is drawing her. It’s her first painting. She finds a way to leave a mark.

Chapter 71

New York City, 2014.

Addie and Henry are at the park and she is still telling him stories from her past, then Henry will write them.

Chapter 72

England, 1827.

Addie is in the art gallery admiring her portrait by Matheo when she finds Luc.

Addie got flared up and challenges Luc that he’s just like a mortal who needs company—that’s why he did what he did to Addie. Can’t accept that, Henry shows Addie how he can take a human soul with force. When he shows his real form, Addie felt truly scared.

Chapter 73

New York City, 2014.

Addie takes Book the cat to Henry’s place.

Henry tries to take picture of Addie again in the room. This time, only a small feature of her in each picture. Her legs, her arms — and it’s working.

Chapter 74

France, 1854.

140 years and she comes back to Villon. Everything is different. Even his father’s workshop is now a home for a family.

She meets the children who live there now. She scared him when she introduce herself as a witch. The kid doesn’t remember her but she wonders if the idea of a witch is now growing on his head.

Addie found Luc when she went to Estelle’s grave. Addie once again doesn’t surrender.

Chapter 75

New York City, 2014.

Addie comes with Henry to a concert to celebrate his 29th birthday. When they arrived, Robbie and Bea is already there. But Addie is caught off guard when finding the performer is Toby.

Chapter 76

Germany, 1872.

Addie is on a train in Germany. But when she got asked for a ticket, she doesn’t have it. There’s where Luc comes and teleports her again. This time to an opera.

Chapter 77

New York City, 2014.

There’s something different about Henry, but she doesn’t want to press when he told her he’s just thinking.

In this chapter, we also learned it has been 30 years since the last time Addie and Luc met.

Chapter 78

England, 1899.

Addie is playing with snow when Luc finds her, 200 years after the first encounter.

They’re in England and he wants to take her back to Paris. But she refused.

Later, she wakes up in the cottage with a blanket.

Part Six: Do Not Pretend that This is Love

7. Cover Art Part 6

Chapter 79

France, 1914.

Addie comes to Estelle’s grave 200 years after the curse, only to become disappointed when she can’t find the tree see she has planted on it.

Luc comes and gives her the ring, the gift that she gave the night on the woods. He says whenever she put on the ring, he will come.

Chapter 80

New York City, 2014.

It’s the anniversary. 300 years since the curse. But instead wit Luc, Addie spends the day with Henry on the beach.

He says “I love you” and Addie replies back, wanting it to be true.

Chapter 81

Illinois, 1928.

Fourteen years after Luc gives Addie the ring, Addie has never put it on. When Addie finds him in a bar, she thinks that she won. But the bar is full of signs of Luc. He said that she’s the one who comes to her. He won.

Chapter 82

New York City, 2014.

Addie has not met Luc for thirty years, but in this chapter, Luc broke the record. He does not come to pull apart Addie and Henry. He just comes to warn her that humans live short life.

Henry tells her the truth. The deal he made is not for a lifetime.

Chapter 83

New York City, 2014.

This chapter looks back to where Henry made the deal with Luc. We found out that it’s not for a lifetime. It’s for a single year.

Chapter 84

New York City, 2014.

Addie wears the ring.

When Luc comes, she begs to undo Henry’s deal.

Luc invites Addie to do a proper anniversary and he would consider something about Henry’s deal. Addie knows it’s a trap, but she had no other choice so she agrees. Henry had 35 days left to live.

Chapter 84

France, 1944.

For 29 years, Addie never use the ring. But when she is caught in prison while the war is going on and France got occupied, she wears the ring for the first time.

And he comes.

He frees her from the prison and takes her to Boston.

Chapter 85

New York City, 2014.

Henry doesn’t like that Addie does this. But Luc has come to pick her up for their anniversary. He takes her to Manhattan Bridge.

Chapter 86

California, 1952.

Luc ruined Addie’s date with Max. And he takes her to a club, dancing, and suddenly the space between them vanishes. They kissed and slept together.

Chapter 87

Everywhere, Nowhere, 1952-1968.

It’s not happened just once. Luc comes more frequently even after only a day. But this is not love, Addie thinks.

Chapter 88

New York City, 2014.

Luc tells her he loves Addie. But she tells him that he’s not capable of love. What he thinks of love is a possession, to own Addie.

Addie tells Luc that if he loves her he has to spare Henry, but Luc does not respond to that well.

Chapter 89

Louisiana, 1970.

Luc says he loves her for the first time. He prepares a gift, in a small box, where a house key lies.

Chapter 90

New York City, 2014.

Luc takes Addie to a bar on a rooftop.

She asked again to let Henry go, and Luc told her to pick any stranger’s soul to substitute for Henry’s soul. But when she picked someone, Luc doesn’t do anything. It’s just another his game for his laugh. He then takes Addie to the woods.

Chapter 91

Lousiana, 1984.

Addie asks Luc to let her free if he does love him. But he only can bend the deal if she surrenders.

The word surrender makes Addie realizes that this is just another game.

Whatever between them ends now. The home is ruined and the key is no longer with her.

Chapter 92

New York City, 2014.

Luc asks Addie to dance in the woods.

He says that he loves her. But Addie didn’t return the words. She says he doesn’t love him. He loves Henry.

Luc then asks her to spend time with Henry before she will mourn him.

When she comes back to Henry’s apartment, it’s August 6, a week after Luc promises just to take her for a night. Henry asks Addie to never leave him again.

Chapter 93

New York City, 2014.

Henry tells himself that he’s not afraid. He’s ready.

His friends don’t know it’s a goodbye when he asks Bea to guard the store and asks Robbie to take care of Book the cat.

Chapter 94

New York City, 2014.

It’s Henry’s last day. Addie is still by his side, telling him stories. She will be there until the very end.

Chapter 95

New York City, 2014.

Henry backs to the roof when he made a deal with Luc. But now he’s with Addie.

It’s almost time for Henry to leave the world.

Chapter 96

New York City, 2014.

We found out in this chapter that three days before Henry’s supposed to be last day, Addie meets Luc again. She made a deal that if Luc spares Henry’s soul, Luc can have her.

Chapter 97

New York City, 2014.

Addie told Henry about the deal. He’s furious.

When Addie asks him to remember her, Addie vanishes.

Part Seven: I Remember You

8. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Summary - Cover Art Part 7

Chapter 98

New York City, 2014.

Henry wakes up the day after and he still remembers everything.

Chapter 99

New York City, 2015.

A year after, Henry compiled the notebooks, all of her stories into one. Bea read it and love it. The book is going to be published, titled The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

Chapter 100

New York City, 2016.

The book is now published.

Addie takes it from the shelf and sees “I remember you” on the dedication page. Luc comes and says she’s clever, but they can have the story as long as Luc has her.

Addie is far more clever than Luc thinks, though. He thinks that he has her, but she will ruin him. She will break him and prove that he’s not capable of love.

Wrapping Up

Phew, that was a lot.

I realize it can be confusing because the story goes back and forth between the past and the present. But that’s pretty much The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue summary that I’ve written in the past few days.

I hope you enjoyed the story!

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