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The Silent Patient Age Rating & Trigger Warnings


Before you read a book, it’s important to find out if it is suitable for your age and does not contain content that you are not comfortable with, especially with thriller books. Therefore, we’re going to discuss The Silent Patient age rating and trigger warnings.

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The Silent Patient Age Rating

From my experience of reading the book, The Silent Patient is appropriate only for 15 years old and over. The book contains the dangerous behaviour of the characters, threats, horror, and violence. Besides the aforementioned content, the book uses strong language in some character dialogues.

The Silent Patient Trigger Warnings

The Silent Patient Trigger Warnings
Source: Gone Girl (2014)

Murder, death

Apart from the main murder being explained in great detail, there are references to other murder cases mentioning its victims.

Suicide, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, self-harm

Many devastating events happened in this book that led some characters to harm themselves.

From a mild action to a completed suicide is mentioned a few times in the book. It described how the suicide is being done, including the tool that they used.

Mental illness, schizophrenia or psychosis

The book sets mostly in the Grove, an asylum where many patients are troubled and has an acute mental illness.

It also featured a great amount scenes where a character feels like they see someone a few times but are disproven by another character.

Violence, gun violence, blood

Other than a part of the murder scene, some violence and mention of blood are also found in a few minor scenes.

When things get heated up, characters in this book are easily triggered.

Infidelity, stalking

As a huge part of the book, you have to be aware of the infidelity that happens in this book. It results in a raised suspicion of a character that made them stalk their partner when they’re going out after work.

After they found out about the infidelity, there’s another attempt at stalking, but this time they stalk a house where their partner’s date live.

Forced hospitalization

Because of their mental state, patients at the Grove are deemed to be a danger to themselves and other people.

Therefore, they are hospitalized against their will because there are no other options available.

Emotional abuse, child abuse, toxic relationship, gaslighting

In my previous post about The Silent Patient characters, I mentioned that the two main characters in this book experienced horrible childhood. Their parents are unloving, violent, and thoughtless.

Unfortunately, their past relationships impacted their current relationships with their partners, resulting in toxic relationships where gaslighting is not unusual.

Grief, car accident, death of a parent

People grieve differently. There’s one character in this book that is in a heightened state of mourning because their partner passed away in a car accident.

After the accident, their daughter is taken care of by her aunt who treats her badly.

See some examples of how grief is portrayed in a few of these quotes.

Medical content, drug use

The word “patient” in the title should be indicated that they are a lot of medical content appearing in the story, including drug use and many psychotherapists who have a great part in the book.

Additionally, the book contains characters who do transactions of drug illegally that is not for medical purposes.

Wrapping Up

After discovering The Silent Patient age rating and trigger warnings, are you still going to read the book?

I personally think the book is great, but it’s not worth your time if you have a problem with some of the things I mentioned above. You can try to read books similar to The Silent Patient instead.

If you decided to read the book though, don’t forget to come back and discuss the book with me here: The Silent Patient Discussion Guide.

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